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‘The anti archive of residue’ Rm14

An Exhibition by Paul Carter Rm14 at the Standpoint gallery invites you to reside in a space entirely built from discarded objects, waste, building rubble even bread and meat are to be found if you look closely. These amalgamations of dirt and rubbish, few people would give a second glance to when seen in our everyday lives. But viewed in the gallery they become something else and Paul Carter’s speculations on its meanings begin to reveal its intimate secrets. Advertisements

The end of Summer at the Lido

Happiness is a state of mind or feeling such as contentment, satisfaction, pleasure, or joy. A variety of philosophical, religious, psychological and biological approaches have been taken to defining happiness and identifying its sources. This pic was taken at Parlement Hill  Lido today where happiness was simply  a cool 15C royal blue. 


foroneweekonly is a new series of seven day  exhibitions curated by Vivienne Roberts and held periodically exploring unique artists. She featured Ben Wilson in her inaugural show and I am looking forward to be at the next show with works from Tony Turner. If you would like to join the  mailing list click above. Image Title: Trap Door By Tony Turner.

Ben Wilson Chewing Gum Artist


“Generally speaking I am working on the pavement”.

Ben Wilson is a London based artist who creates tiny works of art by painting onto chewing gum stuck to the pavement. Is it street art is it environmental art is it…. ? I had to find out and found an artist who’s is original, modest, and principally defies categorization. Ben’s early career involved making wooden sculptures of which The Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore houses a piece in the shape of a wedding altar at the Meditation Chapel in Wildflower Garden.
Check it out here.

Years later Ben started experimenting with occasional chewing-gum paintings in 1998, and in October 2004 began working on them full time, with the intention of creating a trail from Barnet (North London) all the way to the centre of London. Five years later he is still at it no longer is he called the woodman but now he is known as the chewing gum man. I checked on his progress. and met with Ben outside the Café in Muswell Hill. He was instantly recognisable in his paint pattered overalls and heavily filled rucksack and gear. Once inside we sat down to coffee and I started by asked Ben about his working schedule.

“I work Monday to Friday and if I am

A Stroll around Kreuzberg

Strolling around Kreuzberg so famous for its Street Art and Graffiti everywhere I came across this famous piece by Blu in Cuvry Strasse which leads down to the river Spree. I have heard said in London recently that Street Art is dead. Not so in Berlin the European Capital of the Street Art just hosted Grafftitibox Summer Jam at the Ostbahnhof for the week end attracting 200 or so sprayers which were provided with plenty of walls to work on. The scene is international and gets progressively younger with artists as young as 12years old taking part. Walk on down from Cuvry Strasse along Schlessige Strasse and you will come to Flutgraben and the Berlin Arena. A multi complex used for events concerts plus an artists studio complex. I spent Sunday Evening there at the Badeschiff. A swimming pool designed originally for a competition in 2004 by Artist Susanne Lorenz. This Pool in the middle of the river glows azure and is lit at night in the middle of the river Spree. I got …