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Carnival Week-End in Barcelona

We were lucky with the weather it was sunny and unusually warm for the Carnival weekend in Barcelona. People and particularly children were out for the stroll down the Ramblas dressed in wigs extra noses and feathers and or fairy tale characters adding more colour and a sense of the hilarious spirit to the already decorative town of Barcelona. There was no procession as such, carnival just included all those dressed the part.

Aware Art Fashion Identity

Royal Academy GSK 02.12.10 – 30.01.11 Aware demonstrates how Art and Fashion amalgamate to show that clothing is a powerful instrument for communicating identity in many different ways. I was particularily struck by Alicia Framis installation in the show. Alicia Framis addresses social components in contemporary living. Her work highlights shifts between different cultural heritages and the emotions of fear and tensions linked to intercultural dynamics. For this piece she collaborated with several fashion designers to make up dress designs using the Chinese flag the very fabric and emblem of China. I visited the show with a friend over on holiday from Beijing and on viewing Alicia Framis work I found him to be quite shocked at seeing the flag turned into fashionable wear. ‘That, he said, you could not show in China, it could be seriously dangerous to do so. In Europe and America I have seen many celebrities from pop stars to actors pledge their nationalism by wearing the flag. But China went through a phase of militant anti-fashion ideology during Mao’s Cultural …

Oxo Gallery Rosl Arts

The 2010 annual Scholars Exhibition brings together work in a variety of media by winners of the 2009 Travel Scholarship: Anikpe Ebene (Nigeria) Chan Kok Hooi (Malaysia) Leo de Feu (UK) Keegan Simon Trinidad and Tobago) and Todd Stratton (New Zealand). Anikpe Ekene creates playful sculpture from plastic straws and metal can bottoms, she explores the artistic experience and the creative process, with socio-ecological issues in mind. Note that I have used an image of her work at the Oxo Gallery for my header of the month!

Star City at Nottingham Contemporary

Star City At Nottingham Contemporary An Exploration back into the future under the influence of communism. A look at the monuments memorabilia and once highly secretly kept plans and places that shaped the idea’s and visions for the future of space travel in communist Russia. Jane and Louise Wilson’s video installation show us this futuristic rocket machinery, now in a filmic investigation of Star City, a vast military research and secret training facility for Russian cosmonauts past and present. The start of ‘the space race’ between the Soviet Union and the US was the launch of Sputnik 1 in 1957, then Sputnik 2 with Laika , the first dog in space followed by the US launched Explorer 1 Satellite in 1958 and the race to get the first man

Arabian Love Story

I met Paul Wadsworth at the Majlis Gallery while in Dubai last month. He divides his time between a studio at the Majlis in Dubai and his studio at Trewidden Gardens in Penzance. A book of prints with the romantic title : ‘Arabian Love Story’ has just been published and is available from Paul Wadsworth’s website. It is a tale about love lost and rediscovered in the harsh climate of the Middle East. The Majlis Gallery has been a cornerstone of art in the Bastakija for over 20 years. Showing international artists with an affinity to the Middle East and welcoming back each year artists who have almost made Dubai their second home. Paul is one of Majlis Gallery artists and his work captures the climate and magic of the Orient,

Raskols and Sing-Sing

Stephen Dupont at JACK BELL GALLERY 276 VAUXHALL BRIDGE ROAD LONDON SW1 March 25th – April 25th 2010 Over the past six years, Stephen Dupont has traveled to Papua New Guinea, photographically documenting its changing face and the impact of globalisaton on this Melanesian society. Shown at Jack Bells new Gallery are the resulting images. This is a well curated show and the photographs are striking and beautifully printed but I also found them confusing to interpret. Stephen Dupont used Polaroid 665 producing an immediate print that can be offered to the subject. Were these portraits made at the request of the subjects, are the subjects artists themselves collaborating on this project, or did Stephen Dupont find the last peoples of a tribe?