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Richard Brautigan and the Library of Unwritten Books

This weeks explorations into the arts had me at home rereading some of Richard Brautigan ‘The Abortion: A Historical Romance 1966. It is based on the idea of a public library where authors can bring their manuscripts, “the unwanted, the lyrical and haunted volumes of American writing’, Such volumes as: Growing Flowers by Candlelight in Hotel Rooms, My Trike and Love always Beautiful, a book rejected four hundred and fifty-nine times. Also mentioned is the Culinary Dostoevsky the author of which, it states, was a cookbook of recipes he had found in Dostoevsky’s novels. ‘Some of them are very good, ‘ he said. ‘I’ve eaten everything Dostoevsky ever cooked.’ Brautigan according to his first wife Virginia Aste, never went anywhere without his Dostoyevsky. Abortion An Historical Romance, inspired the UK library of Unwritten Books a project in which ideas for novels are collectedand stored. It also I believe it inspired Haruki Murakami to write ‘Kafka on the Shore’ in which a similar beguiling heaven for literary enthusiasts is portrayed. Brautigan regularly spent time in …

‘the width of your arms unfolded’

Athanasios Argianas sculpture is a work where the physical object is integral to the sung performance. I caught the performance from above and from the balcony of the Barbican Exhibition Halls I had the added advantage of being able to enjoy the shadows drawn by this delicate and sophisticated metal construction and its performers. Later on closer inspection I found that loosely draped over and part of this sculpture was a long chain of flattened gold links, engraved with a poem titled: ‘The length of a Stand of Your Hair, of the Width of Your Arms Unfolded’, the lyrics of which were sung and performed. Does one ever consider what might be the width of one’s collarbone or the with of one’s shoelace, or a sheet of the wingspan of a plane? I was delighted to be able to follow this performance and read the lyrics on the printed sheet available to visitors. For more about Athanasios Argianas work: This work can be experienced until 22. May at The Barbican Exhibition featuring Pioneers of …

Carnival Week-End in Barcelona

We were lucky with the weather it was sunny and unusually warm for the Carnival weekend in Barcelona. People and particularly children were out for the stroll down the Ramblas dressed in wigs extra noses and feathers and or fairy tale characters adding more colour and a sense of the hilarious spirit to the already decorative town of Barcelona. There was no procession as such, carnival just included all those dressed the part.

Book Art at the Flow Gallery

Beauty and Art in Contemporary Book. Designers Bookmakers are members of The Guild of Contemporary Bookbinders founded 50 years ago. see : On display at Flow are a selection of expertly crafted leather bound and tooled books. I spoke to Haein Song who is a practising book artist and bookbinder with ‘Book Works’ here in London she explained to me, that there are only major 4 Bookbinderies offering this type of specialist binding left in London plus some smaller studio bindery specialising in conservation and restoration. A book can take a month from design to the finished workings on a new book. Aspects of bookmaking include text, structure, illustration, print and paper and choice of binding. For collectors of beautiful books this show is a delight, every piece is lovingly crafted and unique and reflects the ideas of the individual artists. I marvel at what a book can be and how diverse the ideas are with regards to how it can be read. The Art of the Book has inspired many artists of …

Love and Loss a Poem

This is a contribution to my blog from Gill Mac Donald for she is working on a compilation of poems with the theme of love and loss. She very kindly let me have this one as a taster. Please do comment. The Scent of You Already it’s that time of year When the jasmine, A tangle of feathered green leaves