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Rolling Plinth

For all the regular visitors on ‘Christina’s Blog’ I am delighted to announce Christina’s Blog is expanding and will continue to support artists and galleries on a new site titled ‘Rolling Plinth’. It will serve as an online platform and offer space for artists and gallerists to have a profile and announcement board for exhibitions and as usual it will feature reviews and useful tips and hints on what to see for art lovers. We are also offering art related services and an opportunity to view work and purchase work from artists on the site. I do hope you will join us on Rolling Plinth and continue to enjoy being part of our creative community. RPF_flyer Advertisements

Folkestone Triennial 2011

Folkestone Triennial 25th June-25th September 2011 In the run up to the Folkestone Triennial opening on June 25th we went to visit and check out the location. Preparation works for the Triennial are a transforming this small seaside town into a vibrant centre for creative excellence. Ok, it’s not on the scale of the Venice Biennale but it is a major event in Uk’s art calendar attracting a host of brilliant artists with innovative concepts, right on our doorstep. Only

‘A Fete Worse than Death’

At MOCA 113 Bellenden Rd, London SE15 4QY Dash and Dem have been working with a team of Casualty trainers who act out and demonstrate in the most vivid and realistic way what accident specific wounds look like and how to handle the wounded.Who is the Casualties Union? At inception of the Casualties Union in 1942 it’s founder Eric Claxon stipulated that dummies were forbidden and instruction was only taught on real casualties. Today it exists to provide casualties and patients as teaching aid. Dash and Dem passed me The Dictionary of Injuries, published as a guidebook for rescue operators after World War II bombings. One of the aims of their project is to extend the content in collaboration with the Union and update the dictionary. Dash and Dem instigated research into the kind of wounds that modern and future weapons like the laser gun can cause. Shock- “…It.all… happened… so quickly…” is the slogan for the photographic exhibition inside MOCA and it illuminates the extend of burning and tissue damage to the body …

Richard Brautigan and the Library of Unwritten Books

This weeks explorations into the arts had me at home rereading some of Richard Brautigan ‘The Abortion: A Historical Romance 1966. It is based on the idea of a public library where authors can bring their manuscripts, “the unwanted, the lyrical and haunted volumes of American writing’, Such volumes as: Growing Flowers by Candlelight in Hotel Rooms, My Trike and Love always Beautiful, a book rejected four hundred and fifty-nine times. Also mentioned is the Culinary Dostoevsky the author of which, it states, was a cookbook of recipes he had found in Dostoevsky’s novels. ‘Some of them are very good, ‘ he said. ‘I’ve eaten everything Dostoevsky ever cooked.’ Brautigan according to his first wife Virginia Aste, never went anywhere without his Dostoyevsky. Abortion An Historical Romance, inspired the UK library of Unwritten Books a project in which ideas for novels are collectedand stored. It also I believe it inspired Haruki Murakami to write ‘Kafka on the Shore’ in which a similar beguiling heaven for literary enthusiasts is portrayed. Brautigan regularly spent time in …

Carnival Week-End in Barcelona

We were lucky with the weather it was sunny and unusually warm for the Carnival weekend in Barcelona. People and particularly children were out for the stroll down the Ramblas dressed in wigs extra noses and feathers and or fairy tale characters adding more colour and a sense of the hilarious spirit to the already decorative town of Barcelona. There was no procession as such, carnival just included all those dressed the part.

Pray for Japan

Friday at 7:00pm – March 19 at 3:00am Location The New Empowering Church 1a Westgate Street E8 3RL London, United Kingdom Created By Koichi Sakai, Kay Suzuki More Info “Pray For Japan” The north coast of Japan was hit