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Aware Art Fashion Identity

Royal Academy GSK 02.12.10 – 30.01.11 Aware demonstrates how Art and Fashion amalgamate to show that clothing is a powerful instrument for communicating identity in many different ways. I was particularily struck by Alicia Framis installation in the show. Alicia Framis addresses social components in contemporary living. Her work highlights shifts between different cultural heritages and the emotions of fear and tensions linked to intercultural dynamics. For this piece she collaborated with several fashion designers to make up dress designs using the Chinese flag the very fabric and emblem of China. I visited the show with a friend over on holiday from Beijing and on viewing Alicia Framis work I found him to be quite shocked at seeing the flag turned into fashionable wear. ‘That, he said, you could not show in China, it could be seriously dangerous to do so. In Europe and America I have seen many celebrities from pop stars to actors pledge their nationalism by wearing the flag. But China went through a phase of militant anti-fashion ideology during Mao’s Cultural …

Ayame’s is a fashion story

…….about a magic drawer full of exquisite socks that keeps replenishing itself at the simple sound of the magic word….. Ayame is opening new offices in London! I think that their collection is special and I wish them lots of success with moving to London. Their will be an opening party and I will keep you all informed! For news check their website or contact them at their new address in London: Ayame UK 6 Carly Mews, Barnet Grove, London E2 6AS, United Kingdom TEL: 020-7729-0384