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Folkestone Triennial 2011

Folkestone Triennial 25th June-25th September 2011 In the run up to the Folkestone Triennial opening on June 25th we went to visit and check out the location. Preparation works for the Triennial are a transforming this small seaside town into a vibrant centre for creative excellence. Ok, it’s not on the scale of the Venice Biennale but it is a major event in Uk’s art calendar attracting a host of brilliant artists with innovative concepts, right on our doorstep. Only Advertisements

An Gee Chan at Tintype Gallery

An Gee is currently artist in residence at the Tintype Gallery. Over the week end she is inviting passers by to contribute to a print work. On a table in the gallery are rolls and rolls of lovely colored paper, wherefrom we are invited to tear out a figure. The story is of a village and its people having been uprooted. The finished piece will be exhibited on the 26th of February in the form of a print. See more of her work:

Shape and Material at the Vyner Studio

Forthcoming Show and Opening on Thursday 25th November at Vyner Street Studio’s 1-5 Vyner St.London E2 9DG Contributing Artists: Mikael Alacoqve, Rania Bellou, Henry Byrne, Rob Chavasse, Elleanor Fawcett, Matthew McGuiness, Natuka Honrubia, Kristina Jimenez, Julia Mariscal, Jonhatan Moreno, Irene Perez Hernandez http://www.ireneperezhernandez.com, Curated by Laura Plana Gracia,( in collaboration with the Vyner Studio, this promises to be an exiting show featuring a group of emerging artists working in a variety of media seeking to find exciting new ways to reinterpret established sculptural traditions.

Frieze 2010 First Impressions

Oh no! Oh yes! Daniel Silver The Smoking Silver Father Figures 2010 IBID Projects This well placed group of Father Figures in the Sculpture Garden of Frieze in Regents Park surprised me and caught me unawares. In the half light of the chilly afternoon they are so nearly human size in their blue and green coats they could be gardeners. On closer inspection the misshapen heads, the cavities and gauging holes transform this crowd with their heavy bronze heads into figures both ancient and new. Wisdoms accrued over civilisations and a timeless humanist appeal. The ancient and pensive even humorous air about them which had me stunned at how very successful this work is. href=””> Thomas Scaraceno’s Airport Modules is a playful geometric assembly. Inspired and amused I viewed it from all angles and saw it come alive changing form and shape depending to where I saw it from.

Magic and Illusionism at the Hands of Tony Turner.

Tony Turner | Illusion Laid Bare I was delighted to meet Tony Turner today at the private view of his work at Julian Hartnoll Gallery. He is a contemporary with Allen Jones and Kitaj, and studied at the Royal Academy in the late 50’s. Vivienne Roberts from ‘foroneweekonly’ rediscovered Tony’s work and here to see and experience are these intricately end expertly crafted, magical and entertaining drawings, which he worked on in the 1970’tees. I was really enjoying these and was reminded of performances I had been to and that sense of amazement only a true magician can inspire in the audience. There was the image of the beautiful assistant spot lit and levitating through a hoop in mid air, attached to an ingenious

At the Pigeon Wing

Up coming and with the Preview happening today Friday 28th of May 2010 is the Laurence Weiner Collective , Maker or Marker at the Pidgeon Wing today. Working with the ‘THERE IS NO I IN ART’ group of artists, is Richard Butler formulating responses to Laurence Weiner’s Statements of 1968. ‘People, buying my stuff, can take it wherever they go and can rebuild it if they choose. If they keep it in their heads, that’s fine too. They don’t have to buy it to have it, they can have it just by knowing it. Anyone making a reproduction of my art is making art just as valid as art as if I had made it.’ Lawrence Weiner. I am looking forward to see you there!