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‘A Fete Worse than Death’

At MOCA 113 Bellenden Rd, London SE15 4QY Dash and Dem have been working with a team of Casualty trainers who act out and demonstrate in the most vivid and realistic way what accident specific wounds look like and how to handle the wounded.Who is the Casualties Union? At inception of the Casualties Union in 1942 it’s founder Eric Claxon stipulated that dummies were forbidden and instruction was only taught on real casualties. Today it exists to provide casualties and patients as teaching aid. Dash and Dem passed me The Dictionary of Injuries, published as a guidebook for rescue operators after World War II bombings. One of the aims of their project is to extend the content in collaboration with the Union and update the dictionary. Dash and Dem instigated research into the kind of wounds that modern and future weapons like the laser gun can cause. Shock- “…It.all… happened… so quickly…” is the slogan for the photographic exhibition inside MOCA and it illuminates the extend of burning and tissue damage to the body …

Lost Sounds… Lost Sounds is a project that started with Rolf Julius, Miki Yui and Rie Nakajima in 2009 with the idea to explore sounds, the environment, objects and one’s visual acoustic perception. For the Lost Sound performance at Café Oto on 11th February 2011 Miki and Julius developed the idea and the concept together. Sadly Rolf passed away on the 21.January 2011 and the project now continues without his physical presence. There is an installation in the window of Café Oto, where I found myself listening to a stone.

An Gee Chan at Tintype Gallery

An Gee is currently artist in residence at the Tintype Gallery. Over the week end she is inviting passers by to contribute to a print work. On a table in the gallery are rolls and rolls of lovely colored paper, wherefrom we are invited to tear out a figure. The story is of a village and its people having been uprooted. The finished piece will be exhibited on the 26th of February in the form of a print. See more of her work:


Sound Art Gallery & Research Unit. Unit 3b Studio 28 28 Lawrence Road, London, N15 4ER Rie Nakajima /Ken Bodden I Can Hear it. 11th Dec 2010 – 29th January 2011 The Sound Art Gallery & Research Unit is a new exciting space: After attending, Parfums Pourpres du Soleil des Poles at the SLG and in the same week I was on a mission to seek out the Soundfjord gallery to witness a piece by Rie Nakajima who is working with Ken Bodden a piano tuner. See Press release. A friend had been present at the recording, and so we tried

Parfums Pourpres du Soleil des Poles. SLG

Ulla von Brandenburg, Julien Discrit, Thomas Dupouy and Laurent Montaron The SLG, presents the UK premiere of a new performance of a work originally created for the New Festival, Centre Pompidou, Paris in 2009. Taking as their starting point the phenomenon of synaesthesia, a neurological process which automatically links one sense to another, the collaborating artists have made a new piece focusing on the idea of somebody seeing colours when they hear music. Working with a synaesthesist, a minimal and static music piece is played on three traditional reed organs and then translated into a colour system simultaneously projected into the space. The poetic title, a quote from Arthur Rimbaud’s ‘Metropolitain’ lured me into attending SLG art performance piece. Recalling a paperback wrapped in ‘Illuminations’ and filled with verbal delights by this complex and often romantic poet, I was unprepared for a violent affront to my aural senses in the packed hall at the SLG. The room was filled with sound that gruesomely pared down to a grinding and grating noise was… drone. I …

Werner Herzog’s 1970 Film: Even Dwarfes Started Small

PRESSRELEASE from the Museum of Everything 4:00pm – Sunday 23rd January 2011 Hello little friends, this week why don’t you skip into de verld ov bleck und weiss mit unsere neuer bestest freund Werner Herzog in this his second motion picture, unleashed in 1970 and entitled Even Dwarfes Started Small. The film is quite unlike any other you will ever see. Call it unsettling, disturbing, austere or even hallucinatory, it is one of our most abstracted favourites, a seemingly brilliant metaphor for something, albeit that no-one has actually worked out what that metaphor is. Also still on until the 11th February is the 3rd Exhibition co-curated by Sir Peter Blake. Featuring the recreation of Walter Potter’s lost Museum of Curiosity.

Shape and Material at the Vyner Studio

Forthcoming Show and Opening on Thursday 25th November at Vyner Street Studio’s 1-5 Vyner St.London E2 9DG Contributing Artists: Mikael Alacoqve, Rania Bellou, Henry Byrne, Rob Chavasse, Elleanor Fawcett, Matthew McGuiness, Natuka Honrubia, Kristina Jimenez, Julia Mariscal, Jonhatan Moreno, Irene Perez Hernandez http://www.ireneperezhernandez.com, Curated by Laura Plana Gracia,( in collaboration with the Vyner Studio, this promises to be an exiting show featuring a group of emerging artists working in a variety of media seeking to find exciting new ways to reinterpret established sculptural traditions.