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‘A Fete Worse than Death’

At MOCA 113 Bellenden Rd, London SE15 4QY Dash and Dem have been working with a team of Casualty trainers who act out and demonstrate in the most vivid and realistic way what accident specific wounds look like and how to handle the wounded.Who is the Casualties Union? At inception of the Casualties Union in 1942 it’s founder Eric Claxon stipulated that dummies were forbidden and instruction was only taught on real casualties. Today it exists to provide casualties and patients as teaching aid. Dash and Dem passed me The Dictionary of Injuries, published as a guidebook for rescue operators after World War II bombings. One of the aims of their project is to extend the content in collaboration with the Union and update the dictionary. Dash and Dem instigated research into the kind of wounds that modern and future weapons like the laser gun can cause. Shock- “…It.all… happened… so quickly…” is the slogan for the photographic exhibition inside MOCA and it illuminates the extend of burning and tissue damage to the body …

Ben Wilson at ‘For One Week Only’

For One Week Only presents BEN WILSON – THE CHEWING GUM MAN The last time I stumbled across Ben Wilson’s figure crouched on the pavement and amongst his working utensils was in front of the Royal Academy. I had just been to see the Van Gogh Exhibition when I saw Ben, was putting the finishing touches on a commissioned piece outside the gates of the RA. Ben is a long time and dedicated pioneer of, Pure Street Art in and around London. See previous entries and an interview on this blog. The opening of his solo show at ‘for one week only’ included bigger canvases and a series of humorous pieces of carefully painted figures and scenes on reclaimed finds of the everyday rubbish in the street. The event was so busy, that it was not the right time to ask Ben about the stories that had prompted him to make the individual pieces on show. But catch him another day and he will tell you how every one of the small gum pieces links …

‘the width of your arms unfolded’

Athanasios Argianas sculpture is a work where the physical object is integral to the sung performance. I caught the performance from above and from the balcony of the Barbican Exhibition Halls I had the added advantage of being able to enjoy the shadows drawn by this delicate and sophisticated metal construction and its performers. Later on closer inspection I found that loosely draped over and part of this sculpture was a long chain of flattened gold links, engraved with a poem titled: ‘The length of a Stand of Your Hair, of the Width of Your Arms Unfolded’, the lyrics of which were sung and performed. Does one ever consider what might be the width of one’s collarbone or the with of one’s shoelace, or a sheet of the wingspan of a plane? I was delighted to be able to follow this performance and read the lyrics on the printed sheet available to visitors. For more about Athanasios Argianas work: This work can be experienced until 22. May at The Barbican Exhibition featuring Pioneers of …

Clockshower Gordon Matta-Clark

Clockshower Gordon Matta-Clark 1973, 13.50 min. color, silent 16mm film on video In this film of one of his most daring performances , Matta-Clark climbed to the top of the Clocktower of a 13 storey building in New York and washed, shaved and brushed his teeth while suspended over the streets in front of the huge clockface. Currently on show at the Barbican. is a great exhibition featuring Laurie Anderson, Trisha Brown, Gordon Matta-Clark’s works. The three leading figures active in downtown Manhatten during the 1970 explored and developed new relationships to the urban environment. The exhibition includes live performances and I highly recommend to go and see it 3March-22May 2011.

An Gee Chan at Tintype Gallery

An Gee is currently artist in residence at the Tintype Gallery. Over the week end she is inviting passers by to contribute to a print work. On a table in the gallery are rolls and rolls of lovely colored paper, wherefrom we are invited to tear out a figure. The story is of a village and its people having been uprooted. The finished piece will be exhibited on the 26th of February in the form of a print. See more of her work:


Sound Art Gallery & Research Unit. Unit 3b Studio 28 28 Lawrence Road, London, N15 4ER Rie Nakajima /Ken Bodden I Can Hear it. 11th Dec 2010 – 29th January 2011 The Sound Art Gallery & Research Unit is a new exciting space: After attending, Parfums Pourpres du Soleil des Poles at the SLG and in the same week I was on a mission to seek out the Soundfjord gallery to witness a piece by Rie Nakajima who is working with Ken Bodden a piano tuner. See Press release. A friend had been present at the recording, and so we tried

This is an Art that sits on it’s Ass in a Museum

Future Map at the Zabludovich Collection 176 Prince of Wales Road, Camden Let’s consider for a moment : What if we did not Work? For the second time in two days I came across that notion of no longer working suggested as an action in protest against the many grievances uttered by many in today’s living environment. Image: Catherine Wharfe,MA Photography, College of Communication. At the Zabludovich Collection , the following evening I attended Future Map. The Zabludovich Collection hosts the exhibition showcasing promising talent from the graduates of the University of the Arts London. The opening was very well attended and busy. A burly man at the entrance seemed to have walked out of The Madame Tussaud saving a little fledgling bird