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Lost Sounds… Lost Sounds is a project that started with Rolf Julius, Miki Yui and Rie Nakajima in 2009 with the idea to explore sounds, the environment, objects and one’s visual acoustic perception. For the Lost Sound performance at Café Oto on 11th February 2011 Miki and Julius developed the idea and the concept together. Sadly Rolf passed away on the 21.January 2011 and the project now continues without his physical presence. There is an installation in the window of Café Oto, where I found myself listening to a stone. Advertisements

401 Contemporary London Projects

401 Contemporary London Projects 13 Masons Yard, St. James’s, London SW1Y 6BU Adolf Luther and Alicja Kwade A mirror surface with a non-uniform orientation presents a multiplied, fragmented and/or distorted image of the world and the viewer. (radicalart/2003) If you happen to be in the area definitely go and have a look at Adolf Luther’s and Alicja Kwades work on show there at the moment. Both artists use  mirror reflection and light to make us aware that how we perceive and how what we see can depend entirely on where the viewer is standing.


Artist: Narmine Sadeg , Title:  Balancing Figures Man and Woman. Mixed Medium. Artist: Nikoo Tarkhani From a series : This is not a woman. Acrylic on Canvas. In view of the recent political tensions in Iran , this is a timely exhibition for shifting the focus and highlighting the developing art scene coming from this region. Janet Rady together with renown curator writer and art critic Edward Lucie Smith has chosen to represent Fereydoun Ave, Mitra Farahani, Ramin Haerizadeh, Narmine Sadeg, Nikoo Tarkhani in a show at Werkstatt Gallery in Berlin, with works that currently would be banned in its country of origin because of the imposed ban on representing nudity and visual eroticsim publicly. The artists in the show do not live permanently in Iran but operate on the international art scene. But when I look at the work proposed, there is no doubt that each of the artists are working  toward  presenting  an Iranian identity within their work and reference  in Iran’s rich cultural and poetic history. On view will be a courageous and visually striking …

A Stroll around Kreuzberg

Strolling around Kreuzberg so famous for its Street Art and Graffiti everywhere I came across this famous piece by Blu in Cuvry Strasse which leads down to the river Spree. I have heard said in London recently that Street Art is dead. Not so in Berlin the European Capital of the Street Art just hosted Grafftitibox Summer Jam at the Ostbahnhof for the week end attracting 200 or so sprayers which were provided with plenty of walls to work on. The scene is international and gets progressively younger with artists as young as 12years old taking part. Walk on down from Cuvry Strasse along Schlessige Strasse and you will come to Flutgraben and the Berlin Arena. A multi complex used for events concerts plus an artists studio complex. I spent Sunday Evening there at the Badeschiff. A swimming pool designed originally for a competition in 2004 by Artist Susanne Lorenz. This Pool in the middle of the river glows azure and is lit at night in the middle of the river Spree. I got …

Das Freie Museum Berlin”> Hi All! This has been an action packed few days in and around Kreuzberg. And I have had an exciting time getting to know artists performers and street artists here in Berlin all thanks to my friend Marianna Wagner Simon who organises a lot of art exhibitions and projects here. She is about to open a new art space called Das Freie Museum in an old red brick warehouse at 91 Potsdamer Strasse . Plans for artist studio spaces and residences are under way plus and exhibition space for emerging and established artists. The website is in construction at and anyone interested in renting a studio only or a live work space for 4 Euro/sqm short term or long term please write to : Also available is: Exhibition space for established and emerging artists is available and curatorial proposals are welcome.

Still in Berlin

The warm weather got everyone to sit out in cafes and restaurants in Kreuzberg. I had to be careful not to get run over on one of the many bicycle tracks that run alongside and are part of the wide pavements. At this time of year the air is perfumed with the lime flowers from the trees that line almost every avenue here in short it is very pleasant and I have decided that Kreuzberg is my preferred area in Berlin it is certainly the most visually exciting and is busy with a friendly vibe where people are always ready to chat. I had a good meal and excellent wine at the small bar called Schlesishe Blau in Kopernicke Strasse. From the main street it feels like walking into someone’s living room, with pots of soup gently warming on an old woodstove where everyone can help themselves for as many bowls as you want for a mere 4 EU, they also offer a 4 course menu for 14 EU and I must say the cherry …