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Lost Sounds… Lost Sounds is a project that started with Rolf Julius, Miki Yui and Rie Nakajima in 2009 with the idea to explore sounds, the environment, objects and one’s visual acoustic perception. For the Lost Sound performance at Café Oto on 11th February 2011 Miki and Julius developed the idea and the concept together. Sadly Rolf passed away on the 21.January 2011 and the project now continues without his physical presence. There is an installation in the window of Café Oto, where I found myself listening to a stone. Advertisements

Parfums Pourpres du Soleil des Poles. SLG

Ulla von Brandenburg, Julien Discrit, Thomas Dupouy and Laurent Montaron The SLG, presents the UK premiere of a new performance of a work originally created for the New Festival, Centre Pompidou, Paris in 2009. Taking as their starting point the phenomenon of synaesthesia, a neurological process which automatically links one sense to another, the collaborating artists have made a new piece focusing on the idea of somebody seeing colours when they hear music. Working with a synaesthesist, a minimal and static music piece is played on three traditional reed organs and then translated into a colour system simultaneously projected into the space. The poetic title, a quote from Arthur Rimbaud’s ‘Metropolitain’ lured me into attending SLG art performance piece. Recalling a paperback wrapped in ‘Illuminations’ and filled with verbal delights by this complex and often romantic poet, I was unprepared for a violent affront to my aural senses in the packed hall at the SLG. The room was filled with sound that gruesomely pared down to a grinding and grating noise was… drone. I …

5,256,000 Minutes of good Luck and Peace in 2011

A minute in the world’s life passes! To paint it in its reality and forget everything for that! To become that minute, to be that sensitive plate… give the image of what we see, forgetting everything that appeared before our lifetime… quote: Paul Cezanne. Is it not great to start a New Year! I would like to thank everyone who has visited my blog so far and wish you all the very best for 2011. WordPress’s number crunchers tell me that my blog has been viewed 6.600 times last year! Reasons to be cheerful! I would like to start this years entries with a focus at Joseph Popper. His work and interests and imagination are in paving the ground where possible futures can be imagined. Issues of futurology and the science of space and technology all play a part in his practise. This months header is part of an image from his recent work titled ‘Starfield’ available to view on his site! Joseph Popper is co-curator and originator for a project called: ‘There is …

Nina Gehl at Vyner Studio Gallery

Vyner Street Studio, 1-3 Vyner Street, London E2 9DG Contact: Nina Gehl is currently showing her work as part of a Group Show at The Vyner Studio Gallery. The Gallery is Iker Garcia Barrenetxea’s new and inviting showcase for international artists in the East End.Gehl is showing a series of portrait paintings which she started to work on when she stayed in a remote place in the Italy and had lots of time, but no paints and material to work with. She devised an ingenious method of making paint from using ash, mixing it with oils and then experimenting with other compounds until she could produce a consistency and finish that not only matches regular pigmented paint but lends the work a quality that enhances and is indicative of her subject matter. The inspiration for this series of works draws on a memory of a near death experience Nina Gehl experienced as a child. The women of her family where all nearby but unawares of her plight of being close to drowning. The resulting …

Gavin Turk: ‘Muse de Bois Rond’ Frieze 2010

I became an artwork when I entered Gavin Turk’s rent a bike shed. Mind you I did have to do all the work. Once I had paid my one pence by credit card and been given a ticket, the volunteer from Chelsea College confided that he only learned to ride a bike yesterday but he would gladly take me around the prescribed tour. It was a wobbly and rather precariously slow ride. I am now in awe of the adept cyclists negotiating amongst traffic in London every day. I missed turning on the corner off the circle, I was fearful of colliding, with a car I sensed was somewhere in the vicinity, but really was miles away ! The inner circle of beautiful Regents Park, is lovely and thankfully the volunteer knew the way, and we wobbled on chatting about art all the way. It was fun. I have a little slip of paper signed by Gavin Turk stating I am now his ‘Muse de Bois Rond!’

Frieze 2010 First Impressions

Oh no! Oh yes! Daniel Silver The Smoking Silver Father Figures 2010 IBID Projects This well placed group of Father Figures in the Sculpture Garden of Frieze in Regents Park surprised me and caught me unawares. In the half light of the chilly afternoon they are so nearly human size in their blue and green coats they could be gardeners. On closer inspection the misshapen heads, the cavities and gauging holes transform this crowd with their heavy bronze heads into figures both ancient and new. Wisdoms accrued over civilisations and a timeless humanist appeal. The ancient and pensive even humorous air about them which had me stunned at how very successful this work is. href=””> Thomas Scaraceno’s Airport Modules is a playful geometric assembly. Inspired and amused I viewed it from all angles and saw it come alive changing form and shape depending to where I saw it from.