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Folkestone Triennial 2011

Folkestone Triennial 25th June-25th September 2011 In the run up to the Folkestone Triennial opening on June 25th we went to visit and check out the location. Preparation works for the Triennial are a transforming this small seaside town into a vibrant centre for creative excellence. Ok, it’s not on the scale of the Venice Biennale but it is a major event in Uk’s art calendar attracting a host of brilliant artists with innovative concepts, right on our doorstep. Only Advertisements

Frieze 2010 First Impressions

Oh no! Oh yes! Daniel Silver The Smoking Silver Father Figures 2010 IBID Projects This well placed group of Father Figures in the Sculpture Garden of Frieze in Regents Park surprised me and caught me unawares. In the half light of the chilly afternoon they are so nearly human size in their blue and green coats they could be gardeners. On closer inspection the misshapen heads, the cavities and gauging holes transform this crowd with their heavy bronze heads into figures both ancient and new. Wisdoms accrued over civilisations and a timeless humanist appeal. The ancient and pensive even humorous air about them which had me stunned at how very successful this work is. href=””> Thomas Scaraceno’s Airport Modules is a playful geometric assembly. Inspired and amused I viewed it from all angles and saw it come alive changing form and shape depending to where I saw it from.

In conversation with Nelda Gilliam

In Conversation with: Nelda Gilliam At Bastakiya Art Fair 2010 N: I do art because I have to. I am an artist and that’s how I think, but I don’t think things through as to what I am going to put on the canvas. I have done so in the past and I find it very difficult. I can have a concept and translate it into an installation though. I don’t understand why that is much easier. C: What do you look for in your work? N: When working on canvas I aim toward working freely. This does not happen

Bastakiya Art Fair Dubai 2010

Bastakiya Art Fair is now in its fourth year and complements Art Dubai. The independent Fringe Fair is organised by the XVA Gallery in Dubai’s historic Al- Bastakiya area. Mona Hauser and Rosie Hayes bring together and promote emerging artists from Iraq, Pakistan, the UEA, Russia, Iran and Lebanon. It has attracted regional and international galleries and project curators and individual participants. A series of brunch talks include guests , Curator Hans Ulrich Obrist from the Serpentine Gallery London Venetia Porter from the British Museum, Kamran Diba founder of the Museum in Teheran, with Issa Rosa in the Chair and James Knox Managing Director from the Art Newspaper and Nour Wali independent Curator to name but a few.

When in Dubai/Art Dubai 15-21 March 2010

My first impressions of Dubai were driving along in a taxi on the very long El Zahid Road that is the main artery of the City. I was trusting the taxi driver to take me to an address in a city that I had never been to before it was late at night and looking out and mostly up from the back seat of the car. I was awed by this futuristic wonderland of Modern Islamic Architecture rising up all around me. My earliest memories pertaining to anything Middle Eastern went back as far as fairy stories read to me at bedtime from Christian Anderson’s 1000 and 1 night. Ready to embrace a 2010 version of those early experiences fuelled by this writer of old I was not disappointed, and read this new City Scape as being in every way as fantastical and magical as my childhood imaginary landscape of the East. The spaciousness of it all felt both freeing and intimidating. This was the first of many taxi rides in the city for I …