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Simon Tyszko: Modern Neon Lights

Simon Tyszko: Modern Neon Lights 29th April-6 May 2011 Mol’s Place 23 Macklin Street London WC2B 5NN The gallery is the home and occasional exhibition space of Dutch art collector Jan Mol. Last night in preparation for tomorrow’s finishing party, I was invited to attend Photographer David Ellis in conversation with Simon Tyszko. A program which will be broadcast on Resonance Radio shortly. Simon Tyszko’s work is varied and includes neons, photography, and the moving image and texts. Advertisements

‘the width of your arms unfolded’

Athanasios Argianas sculpture is a work where the physical object is integral to the sung performance. I caught the performance from above and from the balcony of the Barbican Exhibition Halls I had the added advantage of being able to enjoy the shadows drawn by this delicate and sophisticated metal construction and its performers. Later on closer inspection I found that loosely draped over and part of this sculpture was a long chain of flattened gold links, engraved with a poem titled: ‘The length of a Stand of Your Hair, of the Width of Your Arms Unfolded’, the lyrics of which were sung and performed. Does one ever consider what might be the width of one’s collarbone or the with of one’s shoelace, or a sheet of the wingspan of a plane? I was delighted to be able to follow this performance and read the lyrics on the printed sheet available to visitors. For more about Athanasios Argianas work: This work can be experienced until 22. May at The Barbican Exhibition featuring Pioneers of …