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5,256,000 Minutes of good Luck and Peace in 2011

A minute in the world’s life passes! To paint it in its reality and forget everything for that! To become that minute, to be that sensitive plate… give the image of what we see, forgetting everything that appeared before our lifetime… quote: Paul Cezanne. Is it not great to start a New Year! I would like to thank everyone who has visited my blog so far and wish you all the very best for 2011. WordPress’s number crunchers tell me that my blog has been viewed 6.600 times last year! Reasons to be cheerful! I would like to start this years entries with a focus at Joseph Popper. His work and interests and imagination are in paving the ground where possible futures can be imagined. Issues of futurology and the science of space and technology all play a part in his practise. This months header is part of an image from his recent work titled ‘Starfield’ available to view on his site! Joseph Popper is co-curator and originator for a project called: ‘There is …

Star City at Nottingham Contemporary

Star City At Nottingham Contemporary An Exploration back into the future under the influence of communism. A look at the monuments memorabilia and once highly secretly kept plans and places that shaped the idea’s and visions for the future of space travel in communist Russia. Jane and Louise Wilson’s video installation show us this futuristic rocket machinery, now in a filmic investigation of Star City, a vast military research and secret training facility for Russian cosmonauts past and present. The start of ‘the space race’ between the Soviet Union and the US was the launch of Sputnik 1 in 1957, then Sputnik 2 with Laika , the first dog in space followed by the US launched Explorer 1 Satellite in 1958 and the race to get the first man

401 Contemporary London Projects

401 Contemporary London Projects 13 Masons Yard, St. James’s, London SW1Y 6BU Adolf Luther and Alicja Kwade A mirror surface with a non-uniform orientation presents a multiplied, fragmented and/or distorted image of the world and the viewer. (radicalart/2003) If you happen to be in the area definitely go and have a look at Adolf Luther’s and Alicja Kwades work on show there at the moment. Both artists use  mirror reflection and light to make us aware that how we perceive and how what we see can depend entirely on where the viewer is standing.


Crash a Homage to JG Ballard at the Gargosian Gallery 6-24 Britannia Street , London 11th February – 1st April. “For a writer, death is always a career move.” JG Ballard This is a very comprehensive and brilliantly curated exhibition in response to and in homage to the outstanding work of short story and fiction writer JG. Ballard. It hosts the works of artists spanning from the Surrealist Movement the likes of Man Ray and the exquiste Salvador Dali. It links younger Contemporary British Artist Tacita Dean and Jane and Louise Wilson with American Artists from the 40’s and 50’s with paintings by the brilliant Edward Hopper. Contemporaries of JG. Ballard working in the 60’s and 70’s are represented with pieces by Warhol and Jeff Koons, and Richard Hamilton. This exhibiton takes its title from the novel Crash

Apollo Memory

=””>         On the 40th anniversary of the Apollo mission into space I would like to add my own related Apollo memory! Alan Bean Artist and Astronaught On the Ocean of Storms Alan Bean was the Fourth Man to walk on the Moon. He was lunar module pilot on Apollo 12 in November 1969 landing on the Ocean of Storms. Alan was 37years 8month 4days old on that day. Back in 2006 he was still a very lively and fit 74year old when I met him at the Arts Catalyst Event, ‘Space Soon’ at the Round House in Chalk Farm, London. There he gave a presentation about his paintings and the inspiration for his art. He would appreciate the nerdy correctness