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Simon Tyszko: Modern Neon Lights

Simon Tyszko: Modern Neon Lights
29th April-6 May 2011
Mol’s Place
23 Macklin Street
London WC2B 5NN
The gallery is the home and occasional exhibition space of Dutch art collector Jan Mol.

Last night in preparation for tomorrow’s finishing party, I was invited to attend Photographer David Ellis in conversation with Simon Tyszko. A program which will be broadcast on Resonance Radio shortly.
Simon Tyszko’s work is varied and includes neons, photography, and the moving image and texts.

His particular interest in the etymology of words such as ‘neon’ and ‘glamorous’ were the starting point for Peter Suchin’s text accompanying the exhibition. Simon Tyszko’s interest in the cultural significance and notion of nostalgia run through much of his work, with texts that sometimes read provocatively and are political whereas others are touching personal statements with reference to the death of loved one’s.

A recent work Simon also talked about is the fully sized aircraft wing he has installed in his London flat, he is intent on making the whole of his flat an artwork and it is available to view, by appointment.



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