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Ben Wilson at ‘For One Week Only’

For One Week Only


The last time I stumbled across Ben Wilson’s figure crouched on the pavement and amongst his working utensils was in front of the Royal Academy. I had just been to see the Van Gogh Exhibition when I saw Ben, was putting the finishing touches on a commissioned piece outside the gates of the RA. Ben is a long time and dedicated pioneer of, Pure Street Art in and around London. See previous entries and an interview on this blog. The opening of his solo show at ‘for one week only’ included bigger canvases and a series of humorous pieces of carefully painted figures and scenes on reclaimed finds of the everyday rubbish in the street. The event was so busy, that it was not the right time to ask Ben about the stories that had prompted him to make the individual pieces on show. But catch him another day and he will tell you how every one of the small gum pieces links to a person he comes in contact with or relates to an event he witnesses on his working days out in the streets. ‘For one week only’ website provides a map to the Ben Wilson’s ‘gum trail’ in and around St. James’s. The exhibition is on until the 8th of May. Recommend!

at the

Julian Hartnoll Gallery
37 Duke Street St James’s
London, SW1Y 6DF

2-8 May 2011 10-30-4.30

For more information please visit our website.
+44 (0) 7973 932271


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