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Severely Mediated Virtuality

Severely Mediated Virtuality is the latest collaboration between Joseph Popper and Gareth Lloyd (JPGL). The title refers to the point beyond the virtual and beyond the real; this confusion is a common trope in science fiction, marking a point of philosophical awakening or when things start to go wrong.
JPGL came together out of a shared interest in the impact of technology, science fact and fiction on society. The context for this show is formed from the blog Created in 2009, it is a shared space for gathering images, inspirations and ideas.
Exploring the medium of marker based augmented reality JPGL will be creating an immersive installation in The Pigeon Wing. The experience will play with the boundaries between the artist and the viewer, the image and the object, and the real and the virtual.

The Pigeon Wing
Top Floor (front),
Guild House Rollins Street,
Opening: 25/02/11, 18.00 – 21.00

Severely Mediated Virtuality is part of the South London Art Map launch of Last Fridays


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