Art in London
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Shape and Material Artists

Curator: Laura Plana Gracia ,
At Vyner Studio Opening I got to speak to : Henry Byrne and Matthew MC Guinness who’s work I liked.

Henry Byrne current work at the Vyner Studio show addresses time management in the field of one’s passions. He particularily likes to incorporate smoke within his larger installations and also featured it in the sculptural smaller piece in this show. I liked the juxtaposition of materials such as wood and stone topped with the cuckoo clock and floating balloons. It successfully suggested thoughts and dreams held back by the substances we make things with and like to surround ourselves with.

Matthew MC Guiness offered delicious Spanish Omelette as part of his installation. Born in New York but now living and working in London. He explained how circumstantially he currently works in a restaurant and how this influenced his art making to the point where he now uses the kitchen as his ‘studio space’. He started drawing on kitchen cloths which are on show and invented new designs to eat from. I am looking forward to see where this leads him!


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