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Future of Beauty

Works by Miyake, Kawakubo and Yamamoto are presented alongside the next generation of Designers like Mintdesign , Jun Takahashi, and Junya Watanabe. I really enjoyed this well put together and informative show. On display are clothes expressing the stylistic expression and forms of Japan’s best designers over the last 30 years.
Japanese Designers challenged western notions of western beauty and it is said that they changed international fashion for ever, by introducing the conceptual form and deconstruction, so many years ago. On view are garments made from flawed or aged fabrics, using asymmetry and achromatic color palettes , with an emphasis on texture and shapes. The garments are the fore runners of many clothes inspired by these classics on disply and I saw details that we are familiar with and see on the high street today.
But it was in the 1980 that Japanese designers started to transform our notions of
what could be done with fashion and how it could be turned into art. And I found myself looking at a 1980’s dress that could easily have been a contemporary one.
These are classic designs that still influence our perceptions of what is stylish and beautiful today. I was fascinated by Issey Miyake’s new 2010 collection ‘Pleats’ inspired by origami. Miyake never fails to inspire he is a true fashion artist and designer and I am going back to the show to have another look! This image is by Mintdesign.
The exhibiton is still on until 6th February at the Barbican Gallery.


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