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Student Demonstration 10/11/10

Is it not pityful that the actual issue concerning the cuts in education and increases of fees is not being discussed, and 90% of the pictures covering this event in the media are about the disruption by only a few of the 50’000 people who attended the march, people who came to make their views and serious concerns about the future of education in this country. Out on the street, it was peaceful nearly all day. I spoke later in the day to an Athropology Student at Goldsmiths who informed me that 1000 and more had assembled in the morning they set of and did they whole march joining up with other groups from other universities. She and her group felt dissapointed that at the end of the march they were greeted by fires and police , “it was such a small part of the whole event”, she said, it is a pity , because it overshadows the seriousness of the situation.
If the cuts go ahead The Arts and Humanities would suffer the most. Which would affect all bar 2 courses at Goldsmiths. This potentially could mean that in 10 years time Goldsmiths would not longer exist!


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