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Damian Ortega at the Curve

I quote from the interview that Damian had with The Independent: ‘In some way objects are metamorphosing, changing their function and reviealing a new side to them. I’m not sure if I am being clear, but I think humor and fear create a ind of instability, forcing the viewer to interrogate the meaning of these objects which makes you perceive the other side of the coin. I am interested in producing another reality and a new knowledge, or at least forcing the viewer to doubt conventions and established ideas. I think this is the most ineresting thing about art.’
Firebricks, concrete, wood, domestic objects, ready-mades and other materials are central to our lives, and this is what Damian understands so well. I walked the curve with a friend from China, I was surprised when he said: this piece here reminds me of China! But Damian is from South America, I said, but then when I saw that what he was pointing at was a pile of building materials arranged as a kind of bridge or walkway, his reaction was clear. I really enjoyed the layered levels of the arrangement of the table, lamp and chairs and not forgetting the hanging picture!
While the bicycle, come house, come white goods carrier, is surely iconic of the times we live in.


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