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Oxo Gallery Rosl Arts

The 2010 annual Scholars Exhibition brings together work in a variety of media by winners of the 2009 Travel Scholarship: Anikpe Ebene (Nigeria) Chan Kok Hooi (Malaysia) Leo de Feu (UK) Keegan Simon Trinidad and Tobago) and Todd Stratton (New Zealand).
Anikpe Ekene creates playful sculpture from plastic straws and metal can bottoms, she explores the artistic experience and the creative process, with socio-ecological issues in mind. Note that I have used an image of her work at the Oxo Gallery for my header of the month!

Keegan Simon’s Collages are produced after his interpretations of his observations. Playing on the stereotypical ideals of the general Jamaica Culture with influences of Northern America and Asia and the effect these have on society. This work above is titled: ‘Off to see the Wizard’.
Chan Kok Hooi investigates art seen by the viewer through the lens of time. ‘I am taking a look at humanity and human existence in relation to the nature of solitude and desire’.
Leo du Feu, Spent six month travelling across Canada exploring landscape and wildlife.
His inspiration was the Group of Seven, early 1900’s landscape painters who were among the first to capture ‘the spirit’ of their country. He brought back a detailed documentation of drawings from his trip.
Todd Stratton , works with idea’s of secrecy in childhood, and the information that is withheld from young folk. And produces sculptural unsettling pieces.
The Exhibition at the Oxo Gallery is on until the 24th October 2010


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