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Frieze 2010 First Impressions

Oh no! Oh yes!
Daniel Silver
The Smoking Silver Father Figures 2010
IBID Projects

This well placed group of Father Figures in the Sculpture Garden of Frieze in Regents Park surprised me and caught me unawares. In the half light of the chilly afternoon they are so nearly human size in their blue and green coats they could be gardeners. On closer inspection the misshapen heads, the cavities and gauging holes transform this crowd with their heavy bronze heads into figures both ancient and new. Wisdoms accrued over civilisations and a timeless humanist appeal. The ancient and pensive even humorous air about them which had me stunned at how very successful this work is. href=””>
Thomas Scaraceno’s Airport Modules is a playful geometric assembly. Inspired and amused I viewed it from all angles and saw it come alive changing form and shape depending to where I saw it from.


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