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ToandFor a Nomadic Gallery

To and For a Nomadic Gallery
720 Holloway Road

I was delighted to see that the nomadic Gallery To and For have been able to secure an other space in Archway. To and For was founded in June 2009 by a young collective of artists that operated at 2 and 4 Archway Close last year with a series of exhibitions. The Cripple Gate Foundation has enabled for this exciting venture to continue, and the organisers of To and For Gallery have created a friendly and inviting space at 720 Holloway Road in Upper Holloway.

The collective share the running of the space and I spoke to one of the founders Jenny Hooper who invited me to join in an art and movement workshop. ‘We invite participatory activities and we are open to ideas from those in the area who would like to get involved.’ Currently advertised is a free workshop for adults in Screen printing and lino printing on Thursday the 12th of August at 6.30 pm in conjunction with their new exhibition PAPER EXCHANGE , with Heather Martin and John Lofts.

Richard Niman came to give an artists talk in relation to the exhibition . His sculptures are well known and instantly recognisable. Once a solicitor and engaged as an opera singer he now works with dolls and shop window mannequins and with the ready made his work is often funny and brings about surprises in the viewer. Niman sees his function as an artist to be primarily about making the incredible believable.

The first exhibition at To and For this year was titled ‘As we longed for a home that did not exist’ and included painters, printmakers and photographers and sculpture.
The overriding theme focused on the recollection of memory and conflicting realities that exist within our subconscious. Memory triggered by a colour a feeling a symbol or simply remembering the past inspired artist Edward Burnand, to explore “The colour of Memory’ and Beck Belsham contributed work concerning the idea of the human ability to harbour deceptive memory, Jennifer Hooper focuses on the stillness of the painted image and her collection of animals are a parade of uncanny creatures, John Lofts sensitive paintings of birds also have a timeless, touching quality recollecting his earliest memories being that of bird spotting in a sun dappled English wood. Bella Vernon has a fascination with light and the discarded and overlooked, she reclaims windows for alternative canvases thereby retaining the history of the object. Fred Vernon creates repetition of specific forms with the aim to highlight our over- industrialised environment drawing attention to a residual recollection of a parallel reality.

To and For Gallery provides monthly opportunities for innovative and emerging and established artists to show their work. It also attracts people in the area who want to share knowledge and ideas and participate in art activities.


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