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Chelsea Degree Show 2010

I would have liked to take home one of Kei Tahara, fiberglass aeroplane’s. See more of his work on:<a
The show was good fun and had a great vibe. It is well worth seeing so if you have time before the 26th of June which is when it closes so have a look. I found some interesting work and here are some of my favorites to look out for in the future. Lucia Quevedo's exhibits made everyone smile. Witty inventions twisted everyday objects installed site specifically to the small room gave a twist to the mind and made the objects come alive with personality. A toothbrush looking to see under the shelf , an umbrella who’s place was to float just above the skirting board holding onto a plug, the chair with the leg up and a hammer who’s handle had all curled around to fit into the corner of the window ledge! James Laycock’s ‘Fish Wife’ and his piece of ‘Her Indoors’ are beautifully crafted inlay with added surprises and he had an order of 3 already by the time I got to see it.


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