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Book Art at the Flow Gallery

Beauty and Art in Contemporary Book.
Designers Bookmakers are members of The Guild of Contemporary Bookbinders founded 50 years ago. see : On display at Flow are a selection of expertly crafted leather bound and tooled books. I spoke to Haein Song who is a practising book artist and bookbinder with ‘Book Works’ here in London she explained to me, that there are only major 4 Bookbinderies offering this type of specialist binding left in London plus some smaller studio bindery specialising in conservation and restoration. A book can take a month from design to the finished workings on a new book. Aspects of bookmaking include text, structure, illustration, print and paper and choice of binding. For collectors of beautiful books this show is a delight, every piece is lovingly crafted and unique and reflects the ideas of the individual artists. I marvel at what a book can be and how diverse the ideas are with regards to how it can be read. The Art of the Book has inspired many artists of the past and present and has a poetry all of its own.
For more information go to: or the links above.
I first came across Haein Songs work in the Mall Galleries some time ago where she
showed: Books of the Absurd. See one of the pieces below and more on her site.


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