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Arabian Love Story

I met Paul Wadsworth at the Majlis Gallery while in Dubai last month. He divides his time between a studio at the Majlis in Dubai and his studio at Trewidden Gardens in Penzance. A book of prints with the romantic title : ‘Arabian Love Story’ has just been published and is available from Paul Wadsworth’s website. It is a tale about love lost and rediscovered in the harsh climate of the Middle East.
The Majlis Gallery has been a cornerstone of art in the Bastakija for over 20 years. Showing international artists with an affinity to the Middle East and welcoming back each year artists who have almost made Dubai their second home.
Paul is one of Majlis Gallery artists and his work captures the climate and magic of the Orient, the wilderness of nature and the desert. He is interested in human relationships, a difficult subjects at any time but he combines skill at drawing with emotional content very successfully and he is one of the few artists I have met , not afraid to address the subject of love in his work.

Another Artist I met at Majlis is Linda Styles who works as a Ceramicist and painter, she loves color, joyful strong compositions and had some fine ceramics on show.

Currently back in the UK Paul is working on the ‘Black Cloth Project.’ Which will be exhibited at St. Ives later in the year. The project comprises six black clothes which were given out randomly to six people. He told me how interesting it is to observe people’s reactions and feelings when playing and inventing situations with this piece of black fabric. What he sees and observes is sensitively converted to drawings and video. Some of the results can be seen on his website. I think they are very expressive and I look forward to the exhibition. Check out the blog entry for Paul Wadsworth Drawing Workshop below or send a message to:

Linda Styles, Paul Wadsworth, and Janet Rady at the Majlis Gallery, March 2010


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