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Works on Paper Art Fair at the Science Museum
Granted it is a traditional kind of affair but no less enjoyable. In fact the friend I went with commented on how refreshing it is to look at art that does not pretend to be anything else but simply tells of artists impressions, landscape views and situations presented and worked into paper with artistic competence and skill. Amongst exquisite watercolour landscapes from the last century I also found etchings and prints of today crafted to perfection, expressive drawings in pencil and moody pastels. Patrick Caulfield, Victor Pasmore are of course well know artists but many others I had not heard of before since it is not my specialist field. Bernard J Shapero Gallery had some great luscious black and white turn of the century photographs on show. A lot of the art is not out of one’s reach and prices start at around £100 for delightful small etchings or an exiting photograph. Marcus Campbell Art Books also has a stand with some bargains well worth browsing through.
It is a friendly and warm fair still open until the 7th of February. If you do go, have a look at Stand B15 where Vivienne Roberts from ‘foroneweekonly’ is showing the only outsider artists at the fair and has devoted a whole wall to Madge Gill’s work. For info contact:


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