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‘once in a blue moon’ on 31/12/09

The Year 2009 is designated International Year of Astronomy by the United Nations. Celebrating 400 years of Astronomy and Galileo who viewed the moon through his then new invention of the telescope in 1609.
This will be the 13th Full Moon this year and falls, depending on where you live either on Dec. 31st. or Jan 1, 2010 it is also accompanied by a minor partial lunar eclipse. The phenomenon, when two full moons take place within the same month is not common and the occurence is called “Blue Moon”. A blue moon on December 31 is rare and happens about every 20 years.
Hence the expression, ‘once in a blue moon’!

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Christina Eberhart is an artist and curator based in London. This blog was created in order share my passion for the arts and creativity and to give my friends a glimpse into what I think is good and why.

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