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‘The anti archive of residue’ Rm14

An Exhibition by Paul Carter
Intimate violence-1 Rm14 at the Standpoint gallery invites you to reside in a space entirely built from discarded objects, waste, building rubble even bread and meat are to be found if you look closely.

These amalgamations of dirt and rubbish, few people would give a second glance to when seen in our everyday lives. But viewed in the gallery they become something else and Paul Carter’s speculations on its meanings begin to reveal its intimate secrets.

From waste caught up in a state of decomposition Paul Carter reconstructs re-compresses glues and hammers down piles of dirt and ‘all’ In the ‘hotel of detritus’ a living archive of the past suspended in present arrangements are awaiting its destiny. Paul Carter having arrested its natural process and natural habitat orchestrates an installation where density invokes tensity and atmosphere. From within the gallery the moment is halted for an opportunity to gaze upon detritus still breathing and detritus caught in the act of being in between stories and in between states of habitat before further decomposition.
Paul Carter won the Mark Tanner Sculpture Award in 2008. The exhibition is on until October 24th at the Standpoint Gallery and Paul Carter will give a talk on the 2nd October at the Gallery at 6.30pm
Paul Carters ‘Hotel’ is ongoing at Matt’s Gallery until 1st. November 2009


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