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The Colour of Sky

The colour of sky

—-is an anis flavoured ice-lolly melting in my hands beside the gently lapping waves of an azure sea.

Most of us are on holiday – away- near and away- far.
London falls into its summer slumber and it’s possible to get a seat on the tube. The rush hour is half it’s normal volume there is the smell of bbq’s from back gardens and summer romance and pick nicks in the parks and of course festivals.
Guess what I miss London despite the fact that I am also on holiday and like most years I am spending some time in lovely Corsica. Napoleon’s Birth Place is a house on the coast of Ajaccio. Check out
Easy Jet is rarely easy but it has familiarised many an English traveller with this island of clean seas, sandy beaches and a choice of mountain terrain to climb for those who like adventure. The fellow traveller in the seat next to me was Corsican proper his joy and anticipation at returning home was infectious and what he most looked forward to after hard toil and learning the language in London was to relax and have a swim!

Wi Fi does not work today or tomorrow here in Solenzara so I have very kindly been offered a desk at the office of the Hotel Mare e Festa
They offer a terrace under palm trees with outlook over boats bobbing in the harbour and should you ever be in these parts the food is delicious and fresh!
I will find art to write about, just watch this space but in the meantime read my take on Simon Faithful’s art and experiments. Great show and I personally prefer it to ‘Deceitful Moon’, which is also on at the Hayward Project Space. Clearly art is a matter of taste. The curator’s attempt at a conceptual melange of a fairy tale man in the moon from times past and the conspiracy theories still lingering that the moon landing never happened somehow failed to engage me. And I leave it up to you dear readers to challenge it in your own words in my comments box!


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