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Love and Loss a Poem


This is a contribution to my blog from Gill Mac Donald for she is working on a compilation of poems with the theme of love and loss.
She very kindly let me have this one as a taster. Please do comment.

The Scent of You

Already it’s that time of year
When the jasmine,
A tangle of feathered green leaves
Starred with tiny white flowers,
Is coming into bloom.

And my favourite,
The honeysuckle,
Medieval pink trumpets
With a circlet of gold,
Spicy, fragrant and old

It was the scent
Of jasmine you loved,
Sweet and sharp as a knife
You said it drove you wild,
The smell of love, the smell of life.

I don’t know about god
Or if there’s such a place as heaven,
But what I see is your jasmine
And my honeysuckle,

And here as the sunlight fades
Beneath it I sit,
Me, the dog and ratty old cat,
Smelling jasmine
And the unforgettable scent of you.

GEM July 2009

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Christina Eberhart is an artist and curator based in London. This blog was created in order share my passion for the arts and creativity and to give my friends a glimpse into what I think is good and why.

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