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In a different light

In a different light

Morteza Darehbaghi employs ancient  religious signs and symbols that link the past into an elegant minimalist present. Sadegh Tirafkan successfully juxtaposes direct confrontation and stylistic rendering of ancient weapons pointing to an uneasy actuality in his home country Iran. Behrouz Rae ‘s art sensitively stresses the conflict between reality and truth. Recommended and open until 11th July 2009. The Exhibition is sponsored by Osborne Samuel Ltd and held at  23a Bruton Street, London W1J 6QG
For more information on Iranian Art , the exhibition, the artists and the curator go to :


Not until I saw the miniature photographic work by Fereydoon Ave  linking the two parts of the show did I begin to fully understand the expansive content of the works presented in this show. Wrestling is the oldest and most ancient sport to be practised amongst Iranians and remains one of the most popular sports today. Sadegh Tirafkan’s work upholds traditional themes of sacrifice and hero worship with striking photomontages referring to the the origins of the exercises shrouded in ancient traditions. Persians claim to have developed wrestling nearly 3,000 years ago. Herodotus, the Greek historian, brought accounts of the sport back to Greece.
References to religious iconography in Morteza Darehbaghi installation have been reinterpreted and transformed stylistically into a modern context. Behrouz Rae expresses his personal uncertainties about space and belonging in a range of media adding needed warmth and sensitivity to the battling for strength and recognition alluded to in other works.

The exhibition as a whole is an astute rendering and positive dialogue between past and present, east and west and marks a turning point for Iranian art on the global art platform. This is accompanied by an excellent catalogue and introduction by Janet Rady.

For those of you who would like to know more about the Traditional Iranian Martial Arts check this website:

For more information on Iranian Art , the exhibition, the artists and the curator go to :


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