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Bless-ed Exhibition Review

shardsflowerLeane and Robi
      Bless-ed     Robi and Leane’s longstanding connections to the underground dance music scene carries over well into their work currently showing at the Bathhouse Gallery. Stars from their precious record collection explode off the wall in broken shards,  giving an impression of swirling  into spherical space. This is offset by the flowering of a thousand petals growing wild under a golden disk.

There is a lot of love in the work. Love of music and love of colour and love of process. Every petal is hand cut and the complex and delicate assembly of the work results in a clear and direct message that points at the universal cyclical nature of death and renewal.  

Subtitled: ‘Superimposing the Thought of Happiness’ is an optimistic and  refreshing step away from the ordinary. Prints, large collage and drawings hint at alternative perspectives with pieces from The Shattered Dreams: including Vinyl Reckoning and Kaleidocycle Series. Robi and Leane’s original approach fuses sacred geometry with direct reference to the greats of reggae, jazz, and soul.

This is a harmonious and invigorating show. Recommended. Bless-ed is curated by COSA for more information contact Julie at  The Exhibition is open until Sunday July 31.

I had so much fun thank you and congratulations on a great opening! Pictures from the Openingl-0413lee aki-0411


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