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Still in Berlin

Smoke signals from the rooftops of Berlin

The warm weather got everyone to sit out in cafes and restaurants in Kreuzberg. I had to be careful not to get run over on one of the many bicycle tracks that run alongside and are part of the wide pavements. At this time of year the air is perfumed with the lime flowers from the trees that line almost every avenue here in short it is very pleasant and I have decided that Kreuzberg is my preferred area in Berlin it is certainly the most visually exciting and is busy with a friendly vibe where people are always ready to chat. I had a good meal and excellent wine at the small bar called Schlesishe Blau in Kopernicke Strasse. From the main street it feels like walking into someone’s living room, with pots of soup gently warming on an old woodstove where everyone can help themselves for as many bowls as you want for a mere 4 EU, they also offer a 4 course menu for 14 EU and I must say the cherry strudel was delicious too.

From about 200 different events scheduled for just one week end I got to see the Gay Pride Festival that was celebrated with a grand procession in the main Streets in Mitte and a few alternative Art Openings. As part of the Festival of Russian Contemporary Art we saw German Vinogradov from Moscow he has been working as a performance artist for the last 20 years. I just caught the end of one of his sound pieces in Sophien Hofe in Mitte, on Saturday. He is a big burly man who performed nude apart from the blow torch strapped around his waist and lower parts sporting a big fury tail He cut an extraordinary figure as he weaved in and out of the sound-sculptures playing the silver guitar accompanied by his wild Russian texts, my camera was not working so you just have to imagine the rest or catch him at his next performance! Also in Sophien Hofe upstairs we saw perform the group Animal Cops , thought they were great and very entertaining and yes girls came accompanied by dogs, people did not get naked but joined in with whistles and dance for a great sounds cape. Animal Cops see:
“The music style relies on catchy melodies with rockin and skankin guitar riffs, and an electro crash back beat. The texts are a mix of Russian , English and German. The live show comprises of theatrical elements sometimes with video from Perm born DimaZe – audiences are invited to bring their pets and get naked.”

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Christina Eberhart is an artist and curator based in London. This blog was created in order share my passion for the arts and creativity and to give my friends a glimpse into what I think is good and why.

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